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SCULPTURA® [Sculpt-It-Your-Way] Shapewear Jumpsuits

Sexy new curve-loving styles & colors are just around the corner!


I Love It & I want it

5 Body Contouring Styles

                                                Now  Available!

SCULPTURA® was born out of an environment and culture of change, progress, and evolution ... out of a need to look and feel your best. 

Because we believe that when you look and feel amazing, you can achieve anything!

What's the Secret?

I Want It!

We all have a mission and a purpose and if we look and feel confident we can pull anything off and experience life on our own terms. 

By Women, for All Identities

Declare your authentic beauty, cultivate self-love and get out there and crush it. Our innovative SCULPTURA® [Sculpt-It-Your-Way] Shapewear Dresses are designed by women to help do just that. We love to create curves that inspire a sense of independence, glamour, and give everyone the confidence to succeed.

Our dresses make even the flattest derriere and bust-area look sculpted and sexy. And the point here is that when you look fierce and feel empowered, you can achieve just about anything in life. Time to celebrate.  

We're an Advocate

Our Mission is to raise awareness around sexual assault and other misconduct against women, teens and the LGBT community, and Our Goal is to stop it.

We do that by focusing on educating and advocating for social change. The effort started in 2007 when SCULPTURA® founder, Lidia Szczepanowski Esq., started a movement and formed NOWSA: National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 


I Need This!

Bold Social Change

Concerned with global issues and focusing on the pulse of ever-changing culture, we chose to engineer and tailor our apparel in the iconic garment district of NYC resulting in superior craftsmanship, hands-on quality control, and the promotion and support of our local economy and sustainable, fair trade fashion.  At SCULPTURA® we value quality and durable products to reduce their footprints. 

Gotta Have It!